Ottawa-Gatineau Arts Schools

Academy of realist Art Ottawa

The Academy of Realist Art’s (ARA) program is modeled on the 19th century atelier practices that were directly derived from the Renaissance tradition. This rigorous academy-style system stresses excellent draftsmanship and traditional oil painting techniques. These fundamental techniques are the backbone of all representational art. ARA trained graduates confidently overcome the most difficult projects in drawing and painting.

Allegro music and dance Orleans

Offers different dance classes and instrumental classes in either French or English from children to adults through different programs available.

OPUS academy

Music School in the Orleans region, offers different music lessons such as vocal, piano, guitar, wind instruments and even  composition.

Ottawa & Kanata Music academy

Our staff is dedicated to promoting a positive musical learning experience to students of all ages. Our teachers are highly qualified and versatile. Students choosing to be trained classically are encouraged to take exams from the Royal Conservatory of Music or the Trinity College of London. However, there are also plenty of learning opportunities for students who enjoy other styles of music, such as pop and jazz and rock.

Ottawa School of Art

The OSA is the leading centre for visual arts education and creative expression in the Ottawa region.

OYP Theatre School

OYP Theatre School’s Mission is to offer excellence in theatre education and experience that is accessible to students of all ages.

School of the photographic arts: Ottawa (SPAO)

To provide an intensive and collaborative learning experience and to enrich the photographic and visual arts culture of Ottawa and beyond.

Stagecraft children’s theatre school

Training and preparing students for their future roles in life whatever those roles may be.