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Grant Writing

Canada Council for the Arts, Guide on preparing a grant application for the Canada Council

This guide is very similar to the booklet on grant writing for the OAC, except this document has a focus on applying for grants from the Canada Council for the Arts. It includes tips on the kinds of support material that should be sent along with the grant application, tips on prepping for writing a grant application and more.

Ontario Arts Council, Booklet on applying for OAC grants 

This “Survival Guide” is a short but detailed booklet that provides information on what kinds of projects the OAC will fund, how to be recognized as an artist, how to apply, grant writing tips, and more. It is specific to applying for grants from the OAC, although the tips can be useful for grants from other organizations as well.

Ontario Arts Council, Step-by-step guide for applying for a grant from the OAC

This step by step guide walks you through applying for a grant from the OAC. It also provides a staff directory for first time grant applicants – they recommend that first timers directly contact the staff for more personalized help in applying for grants. This resource is very specific to the OAC.

Ontario Presents, Recorded webinar on grant writing

This Webinar focuses on preparing to write and writing a grant. It is useful for all artists who wish to gain public funding for their work.

Seeking Sponsorships

Canada council of the arts, Media Sponsorship

With a media sponsorship, whether print, radio or television, you will negotiate to receive a certain number of free advertisements in addition to advertisements that you might buy. Your sponsorship might be based on one-for-one but it could be a much higher number of free advertisements.

Fundraising Skills

Top 10 Qualities of a Successful Fundraiser, Article

This article talks about being a good sales person or a good marketer and how that can be helpful in fundraising, but there is far more to the career than sales and marketing. 

Association of Fundraising professionals, Fundraising Tools

Fundraisers operate in a world of urgent needs, changing public opinions, and evolutions in legislation and demographics. AFP Ottawa has the tools that you need to help your community find the joy in giving, to advance your charity’s mission, and to propel your career. Educational and networking opportunities, our Fundraising Day Conference and the Philanthropy Awards are popular draws. The mentorship program for those new to the profession, CFRE study groups for those advancing to the next level and information updates meet the needs of fundraisers at all levels.

Mena Gainpaulsingh, Fundraiser, Trainer & Consultant: Helping organizations maximize their potential

Mena shares a wide range of articles on fundraising on her company website, Purposeful Fundraising, on topics such as grantwriting, engaging your board in fundraising and sponsorship, developing your Case for Support, and many more.