Art Place : Professional Artist-In-Residence Program

Art Place : Artist-in-residence program

Art Place is a 3-year community engagement program of AOE Arts Council. In the third and final year of this pilot program, seven jury selected professional artists and arts groups are being placed in-residence at different non-profit community organisations across Ottawa. Each artist or arts group will explore art as a social practice by working with participants over a period of 10 to 15 weeks to co-create a final project.

The 2016-2017 projects are being created through various art practices including theatre, music, storytelling and visual art. Art Place challenges artists to work in spaces where there is a gap in artistic programming, such as immigration service facilities, community centres, and seniors’ organisations. Art Place brings together different participants to work collaboratively and generate awareness for socially-driven issues.

The arts can create meaningful conversation and change within our community, each art project is documented online, through interviews, blog posts and photographs, and shared on social media. Art Place shares stories from past participants about the ongoing impact of their art projects and residencies.

AOE Arts Council believes in the power of the arts to transform lives.

Many residents in Ottawa do not have access to a creative outlet. Through Art Place’s social art practice, we have created more opportunities for artists to share their art practice with new audiences in meaningful ways in non-traditional settings. Social art practice uses different forms of art as a way to express opinions, barriers, conflicts and emotions about a social situation.

See detailed descriptions of all the Art Place projects.

These learning experiences will be shared with other Ottawa artists at a symposium and workshop in the spring, and projects from year three will be showcased at the final showcase event in April 2017 at the Bronson Centre.

AOE Arts Council sincerely thanks all the artists, non-profit host partners and the following donors and funders who make this program a reality: Ontario Trillium Foundation, Community Foundation of Ottawa, Community Foundations of Canada’s Community Fund for Canada’s 150th 2016-2017, the Shenkman Family Foundation, the Danbe Foundation and the City of Ottawa Community Art and Social Engagement Program.

Art Place: Artists-in-residence Final Year (2016-2017)

Art Place: Artists-in-residence Second Year (2015-2016)

Art Place: Artists-in-residence First Year (2014-2015)