Canada 150

Ottawa’s AOE Arts Council is pleased to announce NEIGHBOURHOOD ARTS 150, Celebrating Ottawa’s Communities as an official Canada 150 initiative recognizing the 150th anniversary of Confederation.  This special one-time community arts-engagement opportunity is for artists and residents in neighbourhoods across the city to join in celebration of what it means to be Canadian in 2017.  The project is made possible with lead support from the Government of Canada’s Canada 150 Fund.  Other partners will be announced at a launch event in late March 2017 when the selected community arts projects are unveiled.

NEIGHBOURHOOD ARTS 150, Celebrating Ottawa’s Communities will maximize opportunities for inclusive participation from Ottawa residents of all ages and backgrounds. It will also enhance the visibility of our local arts scene. This program will highlight some of Ottawa’s original artistic talent, bring artists and communities together, create a variety of memorable arts experiences, and help build communities through the Arts. 

NEIGHBOURHOOD ARTS 150, Celebrating Ottawa’s Communities will enable professional artists and arts groups of all disciplines to lead the creation of free, community-specific arts experiences in 10 of this city’s diverse neighbourhoods all across Ottawa, from Cumberland to Kanata.  Ottawa is the epicentre for Canada’s Birthday celebrations and we are excited to be able to provide opportunities for the Arts to spark festivities in local communities outside the downtown core and provide opportunities for residents to celebrate this milestone in their community.

Please join us in 2017 to celebrate Canada through the arts, it`s our community, with our artists, it’s our Canada to Celebrate!

For more information, to volunteer, donate or contribute in-kind, contact:

Patrice Stanley, Special Project Manager
AOE Arts Council

T 613.580.2767
C 613.983.0518